Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Wonder

This academic year is going to be an especially challenging one.  We're launching a school-wide 1:1 iPad program.  We're transitioning to e-books and working further to embrace digital workflows and significantly reduce printing campus-wide.  We're upgrading our network to be able to support not just iPads but all laptops, smart phones, and desktop computers.  We're continuing to encourage our faculty members, administrators, and students to create and leverage a PLN.  We're transforming the way our faculty and students learn with and from one another.  We're inviting family members to connect with these experiences both in person and virtually.

Along with a wealth of powerful new learning opportunities, I know we're going to encounter hurdles, growing pains, and moments (mobs?) of resistance.  Acutely aware of the challenges ahead, I logged into my email this morning to find this note from my seventy-one year-old dad.  Darnit if it didn't make me well up.

Subject: Little Wonder

When I think about students going to school, I recall how you wanted to go to the "Rumble Room" and then set up your own classroom and "read" a story to the dolls and stuffed animals. I remember how we took you to visit Saint John's Nursery School and you walked in without ever looking back. I especially remembered how you worked hard at being the best student you could be. It wasn't easy and you worked very hard, but you were intent on succeeding. It comes as no surprise that you became an innovative educator with a love of teaching matched only by your love of learning.  

Here's hoping I don't lose sight of what my father sees so clearly.  Here's hoping when heading in new directions, even when things don't seem to be going smoothly, I can forge ahead without looking back. Here's hoping I don't forget to thank my dad for instilling in me the gifts, courage, and humor that have gotten me this far.

Here's hoping those little wonders never fade.

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